Covid-19 Response FAQ

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is committed to the safety of our visitors and staff. The fundamental nature of the Museum (high-touch, hands-on experiences, coupled with social interactions) makes it especially important that we reopen slowly and cautiously, with as much research and planning as possible, and along with extensive new safety measures in place.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your mask policy?

All guests (2+) are required to maintain masking for the duration of their visit. We have chosen to align our policies with our school and community partners who require masking in order to attend programming in our spaces. Anyone unable to maintain proper masking (fully covering nose and mouth) will be asked to leave. Medical exceptions are allowed. Masks may be removed when sitting to eat and drink in specially designated areas only.

How are you handling membership extensions due to your closure?

All membership accounts that were active between the months of March 2020 and June 2021 were extended to compensate for our temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For specific inquiries about your membership, please contact

Will the Preschool Gallery be open?

Yes, for most events the Preschool Gallery will be open with most of the favorite exhibits, including the ball machine, the climbers, and the water table. However, some of the small toys, puzzles, plastic food, etc. have been temporarily removed.  

How is H2Oh! – the water gallery – cleaned?

The H2Oh! Exhibit is designed with several safety features, including a sand filtration system and an UV sterilization system.  The water is drained and replaced multiple times per week, and treated with a mild bromine solution.

Are the bubble exhibits safe?

The bubble solution we use is a mixture of water and Dawn dish soap. Soap breaks down the virus very effectively. Because of this, it’s actually a very safe space to enjoy as long as families practice safe and respective hygiene practices.

"Soap molecules attach to and disrupt the outer protective lipid (fatty) layer of COVID-19, breaking it apart and destroying the virus." Reference: Mayo Clinic

Why are you limiting the capacity of visitors?

We set our limit well below any guidelines in order to allow for proper social distancing and to give our visitors the freedom to move around the space as safely as possible.  We will continue to re-evaluate our capacity as we see how well the visitor flow works.

Will I be able to shop at the Hands-On Store?

Yes, the store will be open during the same hours that the Museum is open. 

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