• Field Trip

    More than 250 interactive science, technology, energy and health exhibits await students of all ages.  We’re experts at making sure that bringing your group to the Museum is smooth sailing all the way. Discounted admission for groups of 20 or more!

  • ScienceWorks

    Your students become scientists during our ScienceWorks Labs. All programs align with National Science Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core State Standards. Labs are available year-round for preschool to middle school students and are led by an instructor.

  • Outreach

    It's Science on Wheels: We bring the Museum to you!  We offer fun, inquiry-based programs for the students in your classroom, library, festival or youth center! All programs address objectives outlined in the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and include pre- and post-visit activities.

  • Distance Learning

    Our educators use videoconferencing to engage your students in a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Program kits sent to classroom teachers include nearly everything you need for experiments. Kits are yours to keep! All programs address National Science Education Standards and align with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.

  • Teacher Workshops

    Join us for fast-paced, hands-on teacher workshops that provide elementary and middle school educators with new hands-on tools for incorporating interactive science and math activities into your classroom.  Join us for professional development opportunities both at the museum and at your school.

  • Scouts

    The best place for Scouts to explore STEAM! 

  • Summer Camp

    Through the Unity in Learning partnership, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Leslie Science & Nature Center, and Yankee Air Museum now offer families incredible day camps at two fantastic locations in Ann Arbor and Belleville.

  • Birthday Parties

    What do you get when you mix one part science, one part fun, and one part celebration? A birthday party at the Museum! Experience a birthday full of discovery by exploring more than 250 exhibits and experimenting with a hands-on activity. Celebrate in a unique and interactive environment to make your special day really special!

  • Evening Workshops

    Want to dive deeply into specific topics? Join us for an Evening Workshop! Explore a variety of science concepts through hands-on activities, interactive demos, and experiments in a small group setting. Topics vary from stop-motion animation to computer programming to engineering – there’s sure to be something that piques your interest!

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Outreach : Summer Science Festival

Huge Variety of Activities!

Our Summer Science Festival features a wide variety of unique, interactive tabletop projects that includes science experiments, ‘make and take’ activities and art creations. We can customize our program to meet your needs! Schedule your Summer Science Festival today!

Activities May Include:

Antacid Launch — Launch rockets sky-high with this soaring chemical change.
Calling All Turkeys — With just a paper cup, wet string and a paper clip you’ll be up and gobbling before you know it.
Centripetal Swing — Fling water around, but try not to spill it. This activity will give both your mind and your arm a workout.
Munchy Match-up — Take a toothy challenge and pair up some chompers with their rightful owners.
Oobleck — Roll it into a ball, then watch it ooze like a liquid. A long-time favorite for all ages… and you can even make it in your kitchen.
Paperclip Ships — Can you make a metal paperclip “float” in a cup of water? This activity will show you how!
Polymer Surprise — Experiment with the properties of polymers. Pierce a bag of water without getting wet!
Seeds and Helicopters — Let Mother Nature and Father Physics help you make your own paper helicopters. Try your hand at what some trees have been doing for millions of years.
A Skeletal Selection — Explore a collection of actual teeth, antlers and horns.
Teasing Gravity — Drive gravity crazy by making water hang upside down. Sounds impossible? Not if you know about surface tension.
Whoooo’s Coming for Dinner? — Poke through the aftermath of an owl’s late night snack and see if you can piece together what was on the menu.

3 Event Packages Available

  • All event packages are based on a two-hour time period and the number of activity tables selected
  • All event packages include: set-up time; colorful banners & tablecloths; discount passes to the Museum for every participant
  • Each additional hour is $150
  • If you are unable to provide volunteers additional staff members are available at $100 per person per day
  • Total cost is program fee plus mileage
  • Host is responsible for providing 6' – 8' long tables
  • For outdoor events, host is also required to provide a tent. If you unable to provide a tent, we can provide one for $50

We can customize this event to meet your needs!

Event Package 1:

Includes 6 activities: $350 plus mileage requires 1 volunteer 

Event Package 2:

Includes 9 activities: $450 plus mileage - requires 2 volunteers

Event Package 3:

Includes 12 activities: $550 plus mileage - requires 3 volunteers



Festival, Library

60 minutes

PreK, K-2nd, 3-5th, 6-8th, 9-12th


Earth and Space Sciences, Engineering, Math, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences

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Visit unityinlearning.org to open a gateway to hands-on discovery, exploration of the natural world, and experiences that take flight.

Through the Unity in Learning partnership with the Ann Arbor Hands-On MuseumLeslie Science and Nature Center, and Yankee Air Museum we provide over 100 different  programs at our facilities, on site at your location, or through interactive video conferencing.