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    Your students become scientists during our ScienceWorks Labs. All programs align with National Science Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core State Standards. Labs are available year-round for preschool to middle school students and are led by an instructor.


Field Trips + ScienceWorks Labs for Students PreK-8

Your students become scientists during our 50-minute ScienceWorks Labs that provide hands-on experience with a variety of topics identified in the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. Labs are led by an instructor.

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  • ScienceWorks Labs must be booked in advance when making a Field Trip reservation.
  • Cost:
    • $2 per student for Preschool Labs
    • $4 per student for Standard Labs
    • $5 per student for Premium Labs
  • Capacity: 30 students per class, 2 ScienceWorks classes may be held at the same time for up to 60 students. We can accommodate a maximum of 120 students from a single school in lab classes per visit.
  • Minimum charge per lab class is based on the cost for 15 students:  $30 for Preschool Labs, $60 for Standard Labs, and $75 for Premium Labs.

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Standard Lab: Estimation Station (K-1st)

How many? What’s a bit? How big? Will it fit? Learn to make estimates about the world around you in this lab. You don’t always have to be exact to be correct. Register today!

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Preschool Lab: All About Our Senses (Ages 3-5)

Explore four of the five senses. Can you see a sound? Smell a color? Come play with us and explore sight, sound, smell and touch. Register today!

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Preschool Lab: Music and Movement (Ages 3-5)

Young children explore science and music through pitch, tempo, beat and dynamics and learn how these blend to create music. Register today!

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Standard Lab: Engineering Design (K-2nd)

Engineer your way through multiple problems. Design solutions while you experience the engineering process through questioning, planning, building, testing, and analyzing your creation. Register today!

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Standard Lab: Slime Time! (K-2nd)

Investigate the states of matter by measuring and mixing ingredients for two types of slime. Is it a solid, a liquid or something in between? Use your senses to find out and get ready to get messy! Register today!

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Standard Lab: Marvelous Magnets (K-3rd)

Learn about magnets as we sort materials into magnetic and non-magnetic groups. Explore whether all metals are magnetic, make magnets attract and repel, even get them to float in mid-air! Register today!

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Standard Lab: Force and Simple Machines (2nd-3rd)

Push and pull your way through an exploration of force and simple machines. We’ll learn the golden rule of simple machines and explore how levers and inclined planes can make your work easier! Register today!

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Standard Lab: Bright Idea (1st-4th)

Explore light and optics as we learn how light travels, the difference between reflection and refraction. Discover what color light really is using flashlights, lenses, special glasses and more. Register today!

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Standard Lab: Water Cycle (2nd-4th)

Look beyond the four stages of the water cycle and get a first-hand look at the many paths of a water molecule. Where does the rain come from and where does it go after it hits the ground? With activities and movement, students begin to answer these and other questions about water. Register today!

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Standard Lab: Sound Science (3rd-5th)

Discover the energy in sound waves and make waves that travel through different states of matter. Listen for pitch and frequency, and discover the amazing physics of sound. Register today!

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Standard Lab: Circuit Masters (4th-5th)

Students will be “wired” after this electrifying introduction to circuits. They will explore the two types of circuits and the parts that make them work. Then they will have the chance to build a three-way switch and more with our safe, interlocking electronic components. Register today!

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Standard Lab: The Ups and Downs of Roller Coaster Physics (4th-8th)

Students will experiment with momentum, kinetic and potential energy by building roller coasters in teams. Let the forces of physics take you for a ride! Register today!

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Premium Lab: Wind Energy (4th-8th)

Discover how wind can be harnessed to produce electricity and build a working wind turbine! Explore the transformation of energy between kinetic, potential, mechanical, and electrical. Register today!

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Premium Lab: Crime Lab Caper (5th-8th)

Someone has broken into the Museum van and stolen a laptop! Become Museum detectives and use forensic science and real lab techniques to analyze evidence to crack the case. Register today!

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Premium Lab: Chemistry (5th-8th)

Mix your way to new states of matter, heat things up with an exothermic reaction, and discover the difference between chemical and physical change. Register today!

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Premium Lab: Cow Eye Dissections (5th-8th)

Investigate how the eye works by dissecting a real cow eye. Students connect the functions observed to the structures within the eye. Register today!

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Premium Lab: Flying Toys (5th-8th)

Explore the science of flight by designing and creating flying toys. Participants will learn all about flying while making a variety of airborne toys.  Register today!

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