"I Can See Myself in STEM" Ambassador Profile - Chanté Summers

Chanté Summers

Senior Associate Scientist
Pfizer Incorporation, St. Louis, MO

Personal statement:

When I reflect on my career path, I am indebted to the educators in both middle and high school who sacrificed their own time before and after class to give me the attention I needed to learn. To seek the solutions that could give myself and my family hope. Not only did they provide me with an education I desperately needed, they gifted me with a support system I didn’t have at home. Through their compassion, I had allies to mourn with me in my pain but also celebrate my victories, from high school graduation to completing my Master of Science.    My story is unique. It twists and turns just like the science I study. But the central thread is hope. My mentors had hope. I found hope and moved forward. My challenge to you is: never lose hope.


Chanté Summers fell in love with science during high school. Motivated by her family’s own long-term challenge with genetic disease, she sought to ease the pain and find cures for those in similar situations. That passion pushed her to complete a Master of Science in Chemistry in which her graduate work focused on the synthesis of potential biologically active compounds. Since the completion of her education, she balances her time volunteering for local non-profits and working at Pfizer in St. Louis, MO.  She’s proud to engage her community through science demonstrations, conversation, and inspiring local youth to explore STEM despite odds that may be stacked against them. As a research scientist in therapeutics, Chanté works diligently in a variety of projects including vaccine development, targeted cancer therapy, and regulatory filing. She is energized most by finding solutions to challenges, having meaningful conversations, and exploring the world around her.

Segment Pitch:

As a research scientist for pharmaceuticals – it’s often a struggle to not let work stay in the lab, at my desk, or in the meeting room.

Finding a work-life harmony, no, the harmony in life is challenging. However, through training and introspection I’ve found how my schedule can serve me. I’ve learned that meditation, mindfulness, and exercise have allowed me to step away from work when I need to and lean in when necessary.

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