Imagine and discover a world you can't see! Our new Nano exhibit shows that incredibly small things can do amazingly big and complex jobs.

  • Small, Smaller, Nano: Explore progressively smaller magnetic materials — magnetite sand, iron powder, and ferrofluid.
  • Build a Giant Carbon Nanotube: Work together to build a giant model of a carbon nanotube.
  • I Spy Nano: Try a series of interactive challenges, then search a complex image for examples of real nano products and phenomena.
  • Balance our Nano Future: Balance blocks on a tippy table, which represents the challenge of working together to build a stable nano future.
  • Static vs. Gravity: Spin disks containing small and large plastic beads, comparing the relative effects of static electricity and gravity on different size beads.
  • Reading Area: Sit comfortably while learning more from books and reading boards.

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