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Our educators use videoconferencing to engage your students in a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Program kits sent to classroom teachers include nearly everything you need for experiments. Kits are yours to keep! All programs address National Science Education Standards and align with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.

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To Register for a Distance Learning Program

  • Dates and times for the Distance Learning programs are scheduled by request
  • Programs should be scheduled 3 weeks in advance in order for your kits to be mailed
  • Book through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration at www.cilc.org
  • To register by phone, contact the Distance Learning Manager at 734.995.5439 and have the following information available:
    • Address and phone number of contact person
    • Mailing address for Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum materials kit
    • Number of students and grade level
    • Date(s) and time(s) your class would like to participate
    • Technical contact information
  • For more information please contact the Distance Learning Manager at 734.995.5439 or use our Contact Us form.

SAVE! Multi-program discounts!

  • Book 5 or more programs at one time and receive $10 off the price of each program.
  • Book 10 or more programs at one time and receive $20 off the price of each program.

Programs must be scheduled with the same school or site. Programs may be scheduled for any time during the same school year, but all requests eligible for discount must be submitted, received and approved at the same time.

Distance Learning Scholarships and Grants

Limited scholarships are available to those who qualify through our Discover Science Assistance Fund. There are also many grants available to schools and organizations to help pay for Distance Learning programs. Click here for more information about grants.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

Reservations must be paid in full or guaranteed by a purchase order at least 30 days after the program takes place. Checks, money orders, or credit cards are also accepted. 

Cancellations made up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled program will be refunded (less a $25 administrative fee.) The $25 administrative fee is waived if you reschedule. If a cancellation is made less than 72 hours before the scheduled program, no refund will be issued.

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of weather-related school closings or power outages, programs will be rescheduled. If you choose not to reschedule your make-up distance learning program, payment will be refunded less a $25 administrative fee. In the case of program cancellation, the participating site is responsible for rescheduling and/or returning the provided kit materials.

CSS class: 

Wind Energy!

Distance Learning: Wind Energy!

Can you catch the wind? Discover how wind is harnessed and transformed electricity! In this workshop students will build a hand turbine and anemometer to help understand effective design for wind power generators. Topics covered include potential and kinetic energy, electrical energy and energy transformation.

Grade level: 4-8

Cost: $160 (+ $15 shipping)

Each Distance Learning program includes:

Explore Your Five Senses

Distance Learning: Explore Your Five Senses

Ever wonder why you can smell, hear, taste, see, and feel? Come find out how your senses help you to discover the world around you. Students will explore their senses with 5 hands-on activities. 

  • Grade level: PreK - Kindergarten
  • Cost: $145 (+ $15 shipping)
  • Available: Year-Round

Each Distance Learning program includes:

Cold Blooded Classification- REPTILES

Leslie Science & Nature Center joins us with LIVE reptiles in our lab as we explore what makes a reptile a reptile. By making observations, your students will compare and contrast live reptiles in order to classify them. Together we will explore the adaptations that make them successful while students examine the snake and lizard skins we send you in your classroom.

  • Grade level: K-12

  • Cost: $175 (+ $15 shipping)

Dissecting a Cow's Eye

Distance Learning: Disecting a Cow Eye

Get your goggles on! Dissect a cow's eye to understand how each structure works together to provide the sense of sight, just like your human eye. After the program, work with your class on a series of optical illusions to see how your eyes and brain work together to bring you visual messages.

Museum provides cow eyes, gloves and safety glasses (yours to keep); school must provide its own dissection tools.

Halloween Slime Time

Distance Learning: Halloween Slime Time

We will explore our smoky cauldron and mysterious concoctions as we make two types of slime with students. Younger students use their slime to investigate three states of matter. Older students investigate the properties of polymers. Gooey concoctions are perfect for Halloween fun!

  • Grade level: K – 8
  • Cost: $145 (+ $15 shipping)
  • Available: October ONLY

Each Distance Learning program includes:

  • A 50-minute interactive program

Critters in the Cold

Distance Learning: Critter In The Cold

Students will learn about animal adaptations to extreme weather with hands-on experiments and even take a virtual trip to Antarctica. Join us as we learn how animals such as penguins live and have babies during extreme weather.

  • Grade level: K – 2
  • Cost: $145 (+ $15 shipping)
  • Available: Year-Round

Each Distance Learning program includes:

  • A 50-minute interactive program

  • A kit with materials for interactive experiments for 30 students

The Fossil Record

Distance Learning: The Fossil Record

Together we’ll take a look at actual fossils and discuss how you can find the clues that they hide and how to interpret their stories that unfolded millions of years ago. Invent your own prehistoric animals, follow along in the story of fossilization, and discuss fossil finds like real paleontologists.

  • Grade level: 3 – 5
  • Cost: $160 (+ $15 shipping)
  • Available: Year-Round

Each Distance Learning program includes:

  • A 50-minute interactive program


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