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World Without Ice Extended Through January 5th

Join us as we extend A World Without Ice through January 5th, to expand the opportunity to experience this incredible transformational and immersive exhibit.

A World Without Ice brings together the work of artists Michael Gould, Stephen Rush, and Marion Tränkle in collaboration with climate scientist Henry Pollack (co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with IPCC colleagues and Al Gore) to  create a multimedia exhibit focusing on Earth’s changing climate.

Set to an original composition by Stephen Rush, this exhibition is inspired by Henry Pollack’s book A World Without Ice. Complimenting Rush’s score, Michael Gould has created an instrument from suspended ice domes melting on an array of differently tuned drums. Playing in the background is a film by Marion Tränkle incorporating beautiful photographs from the Arctic and Antarctic taken by Pollack and his colleagues.

This unique and innovative exhibit will challenge visitors to contemplate their own place and responsibility in the Earth’s changing climate.

Each day of the week we are exploring a new theme, including: Air, Fresh Water, Ice, Wildlife, Climate vs Weather, Ocean, Action, and Energy. There will be age-appropriate activities led by staff and volunteers to engage children and families in this unique and incredible exhibit. 

We are thrilled to also partner with several local organizations on additional programs, workshops, and opportunities to continue the conversation.  Please check back to this webpage as we confirm our partners’ programs and times!

This exhibit will be held-over through the Holidays, made possible by the generous support of the
Bosch Community Fund.

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*We will be closed until further notice. Click here for more information.*

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